Fully Integrated CRM & Offshoring Solution

The rapid growth of e-commerce and the accelerating evolution of the crypto economy has opened up the floodgates by allowing for the utilization of blockchain technology to significantly disrupt and improve upon some of the most well-known and well-recognized companies in today’s digital space. However, it seems every ICO and new crypto currency is just another carbon clone of the next and its’ predecessor; everyone is reinventing the wheel and nobody is actually creating a tangible business based on blockchain technology.

Vedic exists to change this. Our first project and the purpose of this ICO is to leverage the technology of the blockchain and create a user-friendly offshoring platform and a user-friendly CRM that will be accessible to millions of small and midcap business owners who are at the mercy of companies like Upwork, Fiverr and Salesforce.

There is a real time need for an affordable CRM that is easy to use for small business owners world-over. Fees for outsourcing and offshoring exceed 20 percent and archaic escrow payments that can be replaced with smart contracts are commonplace. No machine learning is being utilized to better match freelancers with business owners and no internal link exists to an integrated CRM for a business owner and freelancer to access unilaterally; truly allowing for a unified collaborative effort under one application.

Vedic Business Solutions

Vedic’s team will partner with Directline to develop the world’s first fully customizable offshoring platform with integrated CRM that’s accessible from android / iOS apps in addition to PC / MAC. We will partner with Ocular tech for KYC/AML solutions to ensure compliance and security. Our platform will also be the world’s first crypto facing and crypto accessible solution, as we will accept most major crypto currencies and ERC-20 tokens for services in addition to traditional fiat payments, all fueled by our own ERC-20 VEDC token.

“Decentralized” has become synonymous with token depreciation and investors losing their money in projects that have no business / use case. For a token to really succeed in 2018 and beyond, the usage of blockchain technology to disrupt or create an organic business that is crypto facing and integrates revenue streams is a must.

Simply relying on “token” value based on speculation without a solid foundation is a gamble, and as we saw in 2017, over 90% of these “projects” failed. Vedic will offer a token that has real world value from day one and a token that is supported by a revenue generating business. This is what blockchain was meant to do, and what blockchain was meant to be used for.


Currently, Vedic offers lead generation, outsourcing, and offshoring for our current clients as well as machine learning and AI mining tools for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Additionally, Vedic provides a comprehensive fintech and cryptocurrency RSS feed and detailed analysis on what to mine, future insights and customized tools to shows out clients’ which tokens and crypto currencies are profitable and by what margins.

Vedic is a consolidated crypto facing platform that leverages cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to improve and disrupt numerous industries. We specialize in cross boarder M&A, technology as it applies to offshoring, outsourcing and client relationship management to include business intelligence, lead generation and third-party software integration.

Vedic’s team will partner with Direct-Line to develop the world’s first fully customizable cloud based offshoring platform with integrated CRM that’s accessible from android / iOS apps in addition to traditional automation such as PC’s and MAC. We will partner with Ocular for KYC/AML solutions to ensure compliance and security. Our platform will also be the world’s first crypto facing and crypto accessible solution, as we will accept most major crypto currencies and ERC-20 tokens for our services in addition to traditional fiat payments, all fueled by our own ERC-20 VEDC token and smart contracts.

The following is a summary of some of the services offered by Vedic in our continuously expanding ecosystem. The native Vedic token VEDC is integrated into each service to not only work as a settlement layer but will always drastically reduce fees for usage, giving us a sizable advantage over our competitors in each operating vertical.

Offshoring & Outsourcing

The purpose of this ICO is top provide a user-friendly offshoring platform similar to Upwork and Fiverr, however, Vedic already offers services to many small and mid-cap firms that require offshoring services to meet deadlines and reduce cost. We have hubs in Hyderabad, India and Guangdong, China respectively.

Crypto News

Vedic provides up to date news on crypto volatility, security, government oversight and compliance both domestically and abroad. Additionally, we provide or users with articles and blogs covering upcoming blockchain integration, advances in technology and insight from institutional investors and finical institutions operating in the crypto space. We will be adding offshoring and CRM feeds to our portfolio during the Phase II of our platform development cycle.

Machine Learning & AI

Our premium subscribers have access to our AI tools to automate the cryptocurrency mining experience to ensure maximum efficiency during off-peak hours in most mining pools. This process ensures our clients maximize potential profit and when applicable, complete their master nodes at the fastest theoretical limit possible. Vedic will leverage are ML / AI experience to integrate freelancer / client matching and continuously improve our offshoring and CRM user experience.

Cross Boarder Project Development

At Vedic, we pride ourselves on our networking capabilities abroad. On our current docket, we have a potential test case with the President of Haiti to produce a government backed cryptocurrency and project driven funding platform independent of government oversight operated by community leaders with Vedic support to improve infrastructure and access to technology throughout the country. The first project will be constructing wi-fi towers and provide communities access to upgraded electricity so citizens of Haiti can both mine cryptocurrency and utilize tools to develop their own tokens and interface with global ecommerce while simultaneously becoming another hub for offshoring services in additional to China, India and the Philippines. This will not only improve the economy of Haiti, and the lives of its’ people, but allow us to scale this project throughout the Caribbean and onto developing nations in Africa and Southeast Asia.

Crypto Currency and Token Analysis

Vedic has a streamlined tool that analyzes all current listed crypto currencies and tokens, prices per exchange, feasibility and profitability calculators for mining each along with current master node reward payouts and projected revenue. It is important to provide this tool so our clients are always aware of the price of each currency as well as the VEDC token. We want to be as transparent as we can be with our users.

Client Relationship Management

This project and ICO is the culmination of services offered by Vedic. We have had thousands of small business owners (many of them current clients) reach out over the years and communicate their dissatisfaction with Salesforce, its complexity and high price points.

What started off initially as an independent offshoring platform to compete with Upwork, morphed into something more comprehensive and integrated. We saw an opportunity to utilize blockchain technology and improve upon two businesses that cater to “super users” and enterprise customers without regard to small and mid-cap firms that desperately need a better option moving forward.


Our White Paper is available in a limited beta release only at this moment, we will release the next iteration within the following days but need to get approval of legal and our advisors on certain issues. Thank you for your patience.



Vedic outlines details for ICO and customized CRM
Vedic Company Timeline



Vedic redesign (website / blockchain)
Vedic hires full C-suite staff and passes 20m in annual revenue
Vedic outlines numerous projects to decentralize & incorporate
blockchain technology



Vedic Incorporates Crypto payments and
becomes crypto facing



Vedic Outsourcing is founded in New York (Manhattan)
Vedic changes name to Vedic Consolidated



Argyle Acquired (wicks private equity)
Vedic raises capital to build company and hire
sales team to work with offshoring units.



Argyle entertaining offers of acquisition.
Pre-raise for new company specializing in
offshoring and lead generation.



Travel to the Philippines to further expand
offshoring capabilities.



Travel to India and China developing
outsource and offshoring teams.



Over 1 million qualified leads produced each year,
increasing revenue for company by 350%



First Outsourcing / CCA (competitive
conference analysis) built utilizing military
IPB process



Argyle Executive Forum founding date (introduction to
offshoring & CRM)
Team of 3,300 freelancers in India and China assembled.
trained to expertise level in data entry.

Vedic Roadmap

Team building, branding and
exchange listing
introductions for
VEDC token

2018 Q1

2018 Q2

Outline / pre-draft whitepaper and
publish plans for an ICO. Redesign
of vedicc.com and vedic.io
Airdrop and Bounty Program,
dedicated office opened in
Miami, start of dedicated blog
and social media updates

2018 Q3

White paper published &
Initial Coin Offering (ICO)
for VEDC ERC-20 token
Begin development of the Vedic
offshoring and integrated CRM
platform along with follow on apps for
iOS and Android.

2018 Q4

2019 Q1

Launch Alpha version of
platform and apps. Preliminary
stress tests. UI improvements
Launch Beta version of platform and apps
and solicit user feedback to make further
improvements. Round 2 of stress tests.
Further UI improvements

2019 Q2

Final Launch of platform (go live) – expand
customer service and support team.

2019 Q3

(2019) Soft launch and mass
marketing through TV / Radio &
Social Media. Final stress tests.
Finalize UI.
Final expense report and profit
projections with revenue earnings
published for all Token users

2019 Q4

Strategic Partners


Our team is talented, experienced, driven and diversified

William Ryan

Chief Executive Officer

Edzer Alexis

Chief Investment Officer

Yuriy Kulikov

Chief Technology Officer

Chen-Yun Lin

Chief Science Officer

William Boutilier

Chief Operations Officer

David Rosenrauch

Chief Financial Officer

Catherine Lim, M.S.

Senior Risk Assessment Officer

Sergey Beduev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Dima Yakovenko

Senior Blockchain Advisor

Susan Lo, MBA

Senior Project Manager Technology

Patricia Serrano, MBA

Media Relations

Misha Sobolev, MBA

Blockchain Advisor


Monica Wahba, Esq. CIPP US

Chief Legal Officer

Andrea Dee Lawrence, JD-ILA, MBA

Blockchain Legal Advisor

Zhihui Julie Guo, M.S., MBA

Blockchain Liaison (China)


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